Loan Structure


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Stamp duty is a tax on executed documents relating to properties or interest in properties and shares or interest in shares. These documents include a lease, sale and purchase, gift or mortgage of property. It is not a tax on transactions.
Liability arises once the document is executed. Hence, even if the transaction has been aborted, stamp duty is still payable on the document.

A document can be presented for stamping at any time before executing (signing). However, once a document is executed (signed), stamp duty must be paid within:

  • 14 days from the date of execution if the document is signed in Singapore;
  • 30 days of its receipt in Singapore if the document is signed overseas.
  • Penalties will be imposed on documents that are stamped late or for which stamp duty is underpaid.


Stamp duty rates
Sale & Purchase of property or Transfer of property by way of gift
Stamp Duty Based on the Purchase Price or Market Value, whichever is higher
Every $100 or part thereof of the first $180,000 $1
Every $100 or part thereof of the next $180,000 $2
Every $100 or part thereof of the remainder $3